Featured Speakers

 Stephen Duggan
Stephen Duggan
Global GM, GBS
 Carl Harter
Carl Harter
Sr. Director Procurement & Travel, GPO PTP
Hitachi Data Systems
 Danielle Weaver
Danielle Weaver
Global Process Business Owner - Customer Experience
 Vince Pierce
Vince Pierce
Chief Strategy Officer
 Mark Rivers
Mark Rivers
General Manager Strategy & Global Process Ownership
Rio Tinto
 Bob Gooby
Bob Gooby
VP Process Redesign

Do you ask yourself:

  • What is global process ownership?
  • Who should act as GPO? 
  • Where should a GPO sit within the organization? 
  • What power and budget should a GPO have? 
  • And how should we measure the success of this strategy?

We are here to help!

Last year, when we first ran The Global Process Ownership Summit, the topic was still in its infancy; early adopters aside, most organizations were not putting a global process ownership strategy into action.  Now, new and mature organizations alike have accepted end-to-end global process ownership as a foundational concept within and beyond shared services.  Anyone acting as a GPO, moving into a GPO role or working on a broader project that involves establishment of GPOs continues to ask these fundamental questions as s/he works to broaden their perspective on process.

Welcome to The 2015 Global Process Ownership Summit.  This November 16-18, we will help you and your GPOs define how end-to-end processes will be executed and measured across the entire organization.  Here’s how:

New for 2015

  • Investigate global process ownership over time to cultivate an understanding of what sets the next gen GPO apart
  • Understand GPO implementation as a response to a broader business problem – M&A, transformation, tech rollout – not simply an end in itself
  • Locate the metrics and KPIs that will allow for true measurement of end-to-end processes

Reinforcing the Basics

  • How to: develop the business case, define the role and get the right person for the job
  • Explore governance strategies to develop the right framework for your organizational needs
  • Strategic use of mandate power, persuasive power and change management practices to make implementation effective

Take a look at the agenda and see the excited program we have in store. We do hope you will join us this November in Dallas.

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